My Favorite Fall 2023 Children’s Books (Part II)

There were so many amazing children’s books releases in fall 2023, I made it a two part post. If you haven’t checked out part one, do that here!

There was a party for Langston

Jason Reynolds

Langston was the king of letters! He could “make the word MOTHER feel like real warm arms wrapped around you, giving a snug hug.” The illustration accompanying that text is a child getting a hug from a woman, and the woman’s dress is made of the word MOTHER. The illustrations in this book are phenomenal and are made of the words from the text in every page. You really have to check out this book and look at these illustrations.

The Boo-Boos of Bluebell Elementary

Chelsea Lin Wallace

A school nurse shares her day and all the various ailments that come her way. A loose tooth, a heartache, a runny nose, a splinter, and more! The text rhymes in such an enchanting way and the illustrations are so cute with a list on the left of the student’s name and what they came in for. This would make a great read-aloud for older elementary kids and is a great read. I really enjoyed this one!

Busy Betty & The Circus Surprise

Reese Witherspoon

Betty always has billions of ideas, and she is not short on ideas for her mother’s birthday. One time, when she was little, they all went to the circus, so she decides to make a circus at home. She and her friends do their makeup, they make a tent out of a tablecloth, and their dog is the fierce lion. This is a sweet story about a girl with a huge imagination.

I’m Not Sleepy! No Tengo Sueno!

Angela Dominguez

Dominguez does it again with another bilingual book featuring Lolo the dinosaur and Birdie. Lolo does not want to go to sleep, but Birdie is very tired. Lolo only speaks in Spanish and Birdie speaks in English and helps to translate the Spanish in a natural way. This is a very fun read-aloud and a great bilingual picture book!

Kitty & Cat Bent out of Shape

Mirka Hokkanen

It is time for Cat to get a bath, but Cat does not like baths. Enjoy this creative game of hide and seek to find Cat and get Cat in the bath! Throughout the book, Cat makes up 9 different shapes which are shown before the title page. Kids will have a blast trying to guess where Cat is hiding and are sure to giggle when they see if they were right.

Animal Snuggles: Affection in the Animal Kingdom

Aimee Reid

All about how different animals cuddle or show affection, this is a sweet read-aloud. It is short enough to read to toddlers and preschoolers would enjoy it as well.

I Love Your Face!

Karma Wilson

Perfect for toddler and baby storytimes alike, this book is about what the title says it is, loving your face! Sweet babies’ eyes, ears, nose, etc. This would pair well with Peekaboo songs, head shoulders knees and toes, or any other body songs you know! Babies love looking at babies and the parents are sure to appreciate this one too.

Santa’s Gotta Go!

Derrick Barnes

Santa’s sleigh breaks down and the kids invite him in to stay with them. Turns out, Santa is not the best house guest. He plays rock music loudly, he doesn’t wash his dishes, and they decide that Santa needs to go. This is a funny holiday read and will be a hit in winter months.


Julie Massy

Oops is a hilarious interactive book about messy consequences. If you drop a mug, it breaks. If you shake a box of cereal hard, it will make a mess. If you whack eggs, they break and splatter. The illustrations are simple with an eye-catching color scheme. Kids will love running up to follow the instructions of the narrator and shouting “OOPS” on the following page. This is sure to be a storytime favorite.

Lila Greer, Teacher of the Year

Andrea Beaty               

Another installment of the Questioneers series has come, and it is about their teacher Lila Greer. What was her childhood like and why did she become a teacher? Any book in this series will become one of my favorites.

Roll, Roll Little Pea

Cécile Bergame

A girl is shelling peas and one rolls away past several animals, along a trail, and into a hole in the ground. Eventually, the girl follows this trail and finds the pea again in a new pea plant. The illustrations are striking and bold and the story is a unique one about the food chain.

The Imposter

Kelly Collier

Skunk wants a family of his own and when he sees a flyer for a missing dog, he decides he can pretend to be the dog to get a family. A few animals help him with a disguise, and it all goes well until he accidentally sprays the family. After that, he and his new friends work to find the missing puppy and return him home. He realized that he had a family all along. This was such a sweet and funny tale of finding belonging and family. I think this would be a lovely storytime read.

Boys Don’t Fry

Kimberly Lee

Jin wants to help his grandmother, Mamah, cook a Lunar New Year meal. Boys don’t usually get asked and his aunts tell him he would just be bored, but Mamah says he can help and teaches him what she knows. This is a sweet story about food, family, and celebration.

Books Make Good Friends

Jane Mount

This is one of my all-time favorite books now and let me tell you why. Lotti is a little girl who LOVES to read and has a tough time making friends. Throughout the book, she shares her favorite books and why she loves them, makes friends, and learns life lessons from the books she is reading. I see myself in this little girl and the illustrations are absolutely insane and awe-inspiring. Every book shown, including the hundreds in the library, all have a spine drawn to match the actual book’s cover!! Read this one and you will not be disappointed.          

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Did I miss any great fall 2023 releases? Let me know in the comments!