My Favorite Fall 2023 Children’s Books (Part I)

These are some of my favorite children’s book releases, mainly picture books, from fall 2023. I had so many that I am going to break this into a two-part post! Let me know if you have used any of these in storytime.

Blinker Blinker Little Car

Susan B. Katz

A cute board book about a little red car who races, gets a car wash, and goes to sleep. This book can be sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which offers a delightful experience for families with young ones who adore singing along to their favorite stories.

Together We Swim

Valerie Bolling

A heartwarming story about a little boy who is nervous to learn how to swim but emerges confident and proud. With minimal text per page and vibrant, expansive illustrations, this story is perfect for summer storytime sessions, capturing the essence of bravery and triumph.

Horton Hears a Boo

Dr. Seuss

This captivating tale is perfect for a spooky storytime session, offering a delightful twist unrelated to Halloween. Horton hears a mysterious ‘Boo’ and embarks on a thrilling journey, gathering friends to unravel the source of the sound. Ultimately, they discover it’s not as frightening as they imagined and even extend a helping hand to someone in need, making it a heartwarming adventure for all.

My Name

Supriya Kelkar

In this heartwarming tale, a young boy faces the nerves of sharing his unique name with his classmates as he begins school. Guided by his parents’ wisdom, he learns the value of embracing his individuality and extending kindness to others. This endearing story is perfect for families, particularly for children preparing to start school.

The Boo Crew Needs You

Vicky Fang

I LOVE interactive books for storytime and this one did not disappoint. This is another great spooky book that doesn’t mention Halloween and would be a super fun read. Kids can help pushing buttons, gluing together broken pumpkins, and blowing out candles.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh

Mo Willems

Mo Willems is at it again with another Pigeon book. He is one of my favorite children’s authors and this book was just as entertaining as Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. This time, the pigeon makes it into the sleigh but cannot figure out how to drive it and eventually gets scared off by a reindeer. This will make a great storytime read aloud if your library does holidays, and is a great family read.

Llama Llama’s Little Lie

Anna Dewdney

This one is short enough for a storytime if your patrons are fans of Llama Llama like mine are. He breaks his Mama’s favorite picture frame and tries to lie because he feels bad about breaking it. Eventually he learns to tell the truth, even though that can be hard sometimes. A great lesson from a popular character and the rhyming text is a bonus.

It’s Fall!

Renee Kurilla

The childlike illustrations full of fall colors were a true win for me with this one. It is short, simple, and adorable making it perfect for storytime. I may be slightly biased because fall is my favorite season, and this book encompassed everything that I love about fall.


Candace Fleming

A ripe red apple is ready to fall and one by one, different animals notice it and wait. The apple falls and all at once, each animal comes out of its hiding spot to get the apple and they all collide. This is a cute and silly storytime read!

Empanadas for Everyone

Jackie Azúa Kramer

This one is a little too long for the storytime crowds I have, but I LOVED this book. Carina cooks empanadas with her Tia Mimi every Saturday, but one Saturday, her tia is volunteering at the neighborhood food shelter and she must do the shopping and cooking herself. After visiting different places and seeing the different types of dumplings, she creates her own empanadas and delivers them to her Tia.

The Wave

Tyler Charlton

This one is probably too heavy for a storytime, but is a beautiful depiction of depression in a child. The wave comes over him and the author writes about how to deal with those strong feelings and how to come out of the wave on the other side. Asking for help is important and he shares resources in the back matter. This is a well-done book on a sensitive topic.

I Will Read to You

Gideon Sterer

This is one of the best picture books with spooky creatures that I have ever read! A little boy is going to bed and his mom wants to read to him. He says he likes spooky books but wonders who reads and cares for the spooky creatures. When his mom tells him that they are beasts so no one cares for them, he takes it upon himself to call them all to him for a bedtime story. This book would be amazing for a spooky storytime because it wouldn’t scare any kids and it isn’t Halloween related but still has all of those creatures kids like to see in October. I highly recommend this one!

Night Owl Night

This enchanting story might be a tad lengthy for younger storytime audiences, yet it’s truly captivating. It follows a little girl eager to join her scientist mother in studying owls. Through patience and determination, they wait until nightfall to measure and mark an owl. It’s a heartwarming tale of a daughter’s curiosity about her mother’s profession, underscored by the breathtaking illustrations that enhance the reading experience.

Parker’s Place

Russ Willms

Parker is a dinosaur who has always wanted to live on a farm. When he moves to a farm, the animals tell him that he can stay if he can find a way to help the farm. He tries laying eggs, making milk, cleaning pigs, and more but he can’t do any of them right. He almost gives up when the animals realize he would be great at running a farm daycare. Kids are sure to love this book because it has dinosaurs and farm animals which are both such popular topics! It is also pretty silly and will get some giggles from the young ones. I really enjoyed this one even though I wasn’t sure what to expect from a farm dinosaur.

Lucky Me by Lawrence Schimel

Bruno thinks his friend is lucky for having a room to himself and for being able to leave toys wherever he wants. He thinks his brother Mateo is lucky because he gets to have a dog and he isn’t allowed to have a pet. As we keep reading, we learn that Mateo is blind and has a service dog who helps him get around and that the toys go in the same spot so that Mateo can find them. Eventually, Bruno learns that he is lucky for having a great brother and a good friend. The illustrations are childlike and sweet, and the story turns from jealousy to appreciation.

Have you read any of these? Have you used any in a storytime? Let me know and come back soon for part 2!