Summer Display 2024

This summer, my library is following the iRead theme Read, Renew, Repeat. We live near the Mississippi river and decided to use that idea for our reading record and our displays. As the kids read, they follow kayaks along the river and mark their progress. For our main display, we wanted some sort of interactive element because they love that.

For the wall, I created a river landscape with rocks, trees, and some kayakers to go along with our reading record. When I tell you that this was the most involved board and that it took hours, I am not exaggerating. After I finished this one, I made enough for the other 4 of our locations. The effort was worth it though, and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

A display on the wall with blue paper on top and green on the bottom separated by a river. The words Read Renew Repeat at your library are above the river.
Display wall with a river and the words “Read Renew Repeat at your library”

As the kids register, hit the halfway mark, and finish the reading program, they get to choose a paper strip to write their name on or decorate however they want. We tell them that the links will be used to create a community rainbow. So far, I am in love with it and summer is only halfway over! Bonus points if you find the mushroom from our scavenger hunt!

Do you have a display that you would like to share with me? Leave it in the comments!