Fall Display

An image of the fall display "Welcome to Our Patch".

I just got back from a 12-week maternity leave and have tons of posts I need to get to from old spring storytimes I did and a few fall storytimes I have done. While I work on those posts, I thought I would share the fall display that I have spent the last two weeks making. My library system has multiple locations so I made one of these displays for my location as well as the other four so it was a large and super fun undertaking.

An image of the fall display "Welcome to Our Patch".
Welcome to our patch fall display.

I wanted it to be interactive and let the kids cut and color something and I wanted it to be fall themed so I went to Pinterest. I saw so many great ideas and ended up mixing a bunch of them to make my own. The blue background and tree are made of butcher paper, and the leaves, pumpkins, and letters I traced and cut from construction paper. The kids will get to cut out a blank pumpkin that was printed on orange paper and draw on it or write their name on it or whatever their hearts desire and then glue it up to be part of our patch.

Have you done any fall displays? Send a picture, I would love to see them!