Baby Storytime Spring 2023

I started doing baby storytime a few months ago when I came back from maternity leave and it is my favorite thing ever!! The babies love watching me read books and they love the choral reads because they get to try turning the pages themselves. The songs and rhymes are also just so fun! We normally start 5-10 minutes late to give everyone time to get there and then do about 15 minutes of rhymes, songs, and stories. At the end, we bring out some toys and let the babies play and the caregivers get a chance to socialize which is super nice.

I have also been reading about baby storytimes and child development and I knew that babies learned best through repetition, so I repeated the same songs every week. In my last session though, I did not consider that it would be best if the parents sang the songs and read the rhymes at home too. For this next session, I made a handout of songs and rhymes that I am going to use so they can learn the words and sing them at home.

Do you create handouts for your families?